Wine List

Red Wines

Ideal with steak and other hearty dishes

Kendell Jackson “Vintner’s Reserve” Cabernet Sauvignon
Black cherry, blackberry and cassis are accented by vanilla, spice and cedar notes supported by well structured but subtle tannins and a rich lingering finish.
J. Lohr “Seven Oaks” Cabernet Sauvignon
Dark cherry aroma with hints of raspberry, forming a base for the other characters of cocoa, tar and vanilla.
Fetzer “Valley Oaks” Merlot
Smooth tannins and rich, ripe plum and berry flavors. the finish is long and fruit-filled with the perfect amount of toasty oak spice.
Columbia Crest “Two Vines” Merlot
Blackberry, raspberry and black cherry aromas lift from the glass. Similar fruit flavors, balanced by hints of cocoa, linger long and lushy.
14 Hands Merlot 18.00/bottle
14 Hands Cabernet 18.00/bottle

White Wines

Recommended with seafood, chicken and other delicately flavored dishes.

J. Lohr “Chardonnay Estate” 18.50/bottle


Truly festive wines for cocktails or dining.

Spumante 13.00/bottle
Chadon Blanc de Noir
Rich, elegant flavors of wild cherry, currants and strawberries with a rich creamy texture.

Wine “Buy the Glass”

from Fox Horn Vineyards
Cabernet Sauvignon • Chardonnay • Merlot • White Zinfandel

Bottle 18.00
Carafe 18.00
1/2 Carafe 11.00
Glass 4.00

from Livingston Cellars

Red Rose / Glass 5.00

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